Righting Healthcare Disparities

Righting Healthcare Disparities

Advancing Equity Through Social Media Awareness
October 29, 2023
Joel Bervell
The "medical mythbuster"

How has America’s historic racism impacted today’s care of people of color? How can we correct current inequities in outcomes for society’s most vulnerable – people of color, people with low incomes and those uninsured? One of America’s rising young medical stars explores these questions and offers his insight on the importance that improving healthcare outcomes holds for all of us.

Moderated by: to be announced
Moderated by: to be announced
About Joel Bervell:

Joel Bervell is a Washington State University medical student, but you may know him as TikTok’s “medical mythbuster.” His videos tackling misinformation, disparities, and racial bias in health care have garnered more than 120 million views. Joel is also the host of The Commonwealth Fund’s podcast, The Dose.

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