Mustering Rage

Mustering Rage

The Militia Movement and Its Challenge to American Democracy
September 24, 2023
Season 12
Carolyn Gallaher
Expert on militias and right-wing paramilitaries

The militia movement in America is growing in strength and in its embrace of dangerous rhetoric and acts of political violence. What will be their influence on American democracy? Are they patriots, as they claim, or domestic terrorists?

Moderated by: Michael Winship
Moderated by: Michael Winship
About Carolyn Gallaher:

The Senior Associate Dean at American University’s School of International Service, Carolyn Gallaher focuses on organized violence by non-state actors and urban politics. The author of After the Peace: Loyalist Paramilitaries in Post-accord Northern Ireland and On the Fault Line: Race, Class and the American Patriot Movement, Gallaher examines the politics, internal dynamics, and patterns of violence of militias, paramilitaries, private military contractors, and drug cartels among others.  and why if can be so difficult for paramilitaries decommission their weapons and stand down their armed units once an enduring peace agreement is achieved. Originally trained as a human geographer, she’s returned to her academic roots to look at the major changes ongoing in the District of Columbia.

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