The mission of the George M. Ewing Canandaigua Forum is to engage people in thoughtful, stimulating and informed discourse on intellectual and cultural topics of regional, national and world interest. The Forum provides presentations by both emerging voices and leading figures in their fields to inspire dialogue within the community.

George M. EwingAs Editor and Publisher of Messenger Post Newspapers, George M. Ewing strongly believed that the newspaper should not only record the local events of the day, but also serve as a window to the world beyond Ontario County. In his mind, this small community is inextricably affected by regional, national and world events.

Over the years he and his wife, Marie-Merrill, traveled the globe, then shared with readers their observations, photographs and interviews with many of the world’s key decision makers. These features discussed the economic, social, cultural and political forces in play in these locales, and their potential impact here at home.


Caroline Delavan, President
Mark Blazey, Vice President
Adrienne Kantz, Secretary
Paul Bringewatt, Treasurer

Kathleen Hendrix, Jane Lehmann, Meg LaDouce Reed, Andy Thomas

Mary Joan Geise, Barbara Russell Hamlin, Frieda O’Hanlon, Anna Polimeni

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